Introducing: Neodent Acqua: A Hydrophilic Surface Concept Evolution. 

The new Qcqua GM Helix implant from Straumann

The quality and confidence provided by the Neodent GM Helix implant design, will soon feature the Acqua surface to be launched by Straumann Group in May, 2020.

The NEW Acqua GM Helix implant will feature:

  • a hydrophilic surface designed to increase wettability characteristics resulting in faster integration when compared to the Neoporos surface
  • a microtopography designed to increase implant body accessibility resulting in increased cell differentiation of hMSCs into osteoblasts
  • no price premium compared to the Neoporos surface

For more details on your local Neodent Acqua Launch event featuring international guest speaker Prof. Sergio Bernardes, please contact your Straumann Group Specialist. 

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