Invisalign® Smile Architect. A new era of orthodontic and restorative treatment planning in one single platform


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Invisalign Smile Architect

Ortho-restorative treatment represent a growing opportunity for dental practices as dentists often find that patients may benefit from integrating restorative work during orthodontic treatment to achieve the aesthetic outcomes they want. That restorative treatment may range from edge bonding to camouflage spaces or increasing incisal edge length, to veneers, crowns, or whitening. Regardless of the extent of the restorative your dentist’s treatment plan, it takes a skilled eye to anticipate where the teeth need to go orthodontically to achieve the desired restorative outcome – and for patients to picture.

Introducing a new era in smile design

Invisalign Smile Architect integrated in ClinCheck software is a first-of-its-kind smile design software and a doctor-friendly workflow for planning both orthodontic and restorative treatments at the same time. This empowers dentists to design and visualise personalised treatment plans with unparalleled precision, ensuring that each patient’s smile transformation is as unique as their individuality. 

Orthodontic and restorative treatment planning in one single platform

This innovative software combines three key elements: intraoral scans, facial photographs and ClinCheck, a 3D animation tool that allows dentists to see the predicted Invisalign treatment result before even beginning any treatment processes. 

The standout feature of this approach is the ClinCheck facial visualisation tool, which provides doctors with a simulated smile design that serves as a valuable resource for treatment planning as it allows patients to visualise their smile after both Invisalign and restorative dental treatment. Smile Architect software takes into consideration current tooth positions, where they can be moved with aligners to meet the desired design and provide target visualisation for any restorative needs.

Invisalign Smile Architect’s features include:

  • Efficient, integrated, all-in-one platform. 

Seamlessly combine orthodontic and restorative treatment planning in a single platform. Save time and elevate patient care.

  • Enhanced predictability. 

Start with the end in mind to deliver predictable, comprehensive, minimally invasive treatments that preserve healthy tooth structure.

  • Powerful visualisation enhances patient experience. 

Leverage restorative visualisations to make ortho-restorative treatment plans easy for patients to understand and help increase treatment acceptance.

As dental practices continue to embrace digital advancements, Invisalign Smile Architect stands at the forefront, empowering comprehensive dental practices to create personalised treatment experiences that transcend expectations. 

This ground-breaking innovation has the power to transform how smiles are created.   

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