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iq-air-flexvacOur dental clinic is holistic in its focus and we often have patients who are concerned about safety issues associated with the removal of their failed mercury amalgam fillings. Sometimes the heightened expectations of these patients can be confronting. As clinicians, we must be empathic towards our patients’ concerns and so my clinic has chosen to use the IQ Air FlexVac as a part of our amalgam removal procedure.

What’s good about it
When removing amalgam fillings, we already use conventional techniques including a rubber dam and HVE to protect the patient from swallowing any debris. Although helpful, we believe these practices still don’t adequately protect the patient, assistant or practitioner from mercury vapour released during the removal procedure. High temperatures produced when the drill cuts amalgam fillings liberate mercury into the air. All who are present during the procedure unfortunately breathe in this vapour.

The FlexVac works like a big vacuum attached to four mercury filters. It has a flexible pipe that is positioned as close as possible to the patient’s mouth during treatment. The suction system draws air through the pipe. This evacuates mercury vapour and biological aerosol produced during dental procedures.

When it’s in operation, I have peace of mind that neither the patient nor myself will inhale excessive mercury vapour. Our patients love that we have invested in something that addresses their concerns.

Every patient appreciates the extra care and we’re cognisant of concerns our clients have about their holistic health. If using the FlexVac means there’s even a small reduction in my patients’ exposure to mercury vapour, then I’ve won.

What’s not so good
About the only way it could be improved is if it was a bit smaller—it can be cumbersome to move around. And it goes without saying that the large piped vacuum machine can look a little scary for kids and apprehensive patients.

Where did you get it
Air Cleaners Australia.

By Dr Murray Orr, Heal Dental Care, Burleigh, QLD.

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