Is Cloud the best option for your practice? 

is Cloud the best option for your practice?

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It’s a Thursday morning and you go to log in to your computer so you can start to see your patients on what is going to be a long day. For some reason you can’t open your Practice Management and X-ray software and you have no idea why! Is it a ransomware, data breach or just a painful old equipment failure?

We are well into the era of digital dentistry and most practices are fully reliant on their systems, businesses are wholly at the mercy of the reliability of both their IT and their connectivity.

At the moment, you have a server running D4W, Exact maybe even Oasis. ‘Go Cloud’ they say, but this isn’t going to protect you from an NBN outage. Or those 4G modems that your ISP provides you with are just flaky and insecure, especially considering that that cheap ISP of yours purchases them for $40 a pop.

So what are the best ways to protect yourself from downtime in any capacity?

Start with your security stack! I recently walked into a practice where they had no Anti-virus, this practice was paying an IT company to manage it for them but had no idea that they were virtually unprotected.

The problem is that practices—just like all businesses—have the mentality that if you are paying someone to look after it, it must be getting done, right?

It is up to you as business owners and managers to understand the offerings of your IT provider and know that you realistically require business grade protection. Think Firewalls with 4G failover that protect you from the Cloud, ransomware protection, 24×7 security Monitoring. Yes, these things do come at a cost. But what is the cost of downtime for the practice?

You wouldn’t drive your car uninsured, so insure your business. The main sentiment that we are seeing is that cyber insurance is getting more expensive because of a significant increase in claims. But that isn’t the scary part. We are seeing policies being rejected for businesses that don’t meet a certain protection criteria. To make matters worse, we have heard stories of claims being rejected due to insufficient protection on business’ behalf.

Once you have security down pat and are happy with your risk profile, lets look at data protection. Your data is important and in my belief it’s the most valuable asset in any practice. Yet there are a significant amount of practices that treat its protection with very little regard.

Hard drive backups need to just stop. All you are doing is exposing your data to a ton of risks through human error, let alone hardware failure risks. Fun story involving both of those factors—I once had to restore from a destroyed backup because the practice manager had dropped the drive prior to handing it to me.

Cloud is the only way to go, but just remember the pure definition of Cloud is, “Someone else’s computer in a remote location”. Make sure that hardware is enterprise grade and that location is a secure facility using a supported software package that encrypts your data before going to the Cloud.

I implore every practice owner to understand their risk profile and how it is affected by their IT provider.

While this may seem self-serving, choose an IT Company that knows dental and has at least 50 sites under their belt.

The overall objective needs to be a complete understanding of what protection mechanisms you have in your practice and what you don’t. 

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