by Dr Pia Oparkcharoen, Docklands Dental Studio, VIC

Isodry is a silicone bite block and suction system combined into one unit. It allows for hands-free suction during a wide variety of procedures.

What’s good about it

The mouthpiece is constructed of soft silicone so it’s very comfortable for patients. The bite block holds the mouth open and allows the patient to relax as there’s no muscle strain on the jaw. The mouthpiece is also designed to retract the patient’s cheek and tongue, and this is of great assistance when gaining access to the operation area. The Isodry vacuum hose plugs into the HVE suction port of a dental chair. It can be used for practically all procedures, from simple restorations to crown and bridge work. The suction is very effective and provides excellent moisture control in the operation area. It’s user-friendly and patients spend less time in the chair when fitted with an Isodry. Most patients feel very comfortable wearing it, even during longer procedures. The mouthpiece comes in a variety of sizes and the smaller ones are great to use with children. This is very handy when young children require fissure seals.

What’s not so good

Patients with a severe gagging reflex can’t tolerate it. Incorrect mouthpiece size selection can also affect the field of operation, leaving limited space for the handpiece. It’s single use only and has a relatively high cost when compared to a rubber dam.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas

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