It’s EcoAct Time!

Recycle 'em!
Recycle ’em!

Dentists and hygienists all over the country eagerly await this time of year to trade in old, blunt or damaged instruments for a 30 per cent discount on new LM Instruments with TrollDental.

This popular campaign is run every year and is the perfect opportunity to purchase high quality, silicone handled LM Instruments at a massive discount. All that is needed is to return old instruments of any brand and order up to the equivalent number.

The returned instruments will be inspected upon arrival and sorted as to their suitability; for recycling, as being useful for other purposes like art work, or if still in good shape made available for dental care projects in disadvantaged areas of Australia and developing countries.

Any monetary donations received for the pre-used instruments are forwarded to charity organisation Operation Cleft.

Individual dentists, student groups & and volunteer organisations depend on such donations and our environment also benefits from reducing landfill.

Not to mention the opportunity to purchase these quality Finish made instruments at a once-a-year special price.

The LM EcoAct campaign starts in March 2014, strictly for a two month period. or call 1800 064 645 for further details

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