Ivoclar and 3D printing expert SprintRay launch collaborative partnership

Ivoclar and SprintRay partnership
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The Ivoclar Group has announced its partnership with the US-American technology company SprintRay. 

As one of the leading manufacturers in the dental industry worldwide, the Liechtenstein-based Ivoclar Group is now setting new standards in the field of 3D printing with this cooperation.

Digital technologies and processes are constantly driving changes in the dental industry and are having a major impact on the way dental professionals work. 

Ivoclar is one of the world’s leading material manufacturers in the dental industry and has been providing solutions for high-quality fixed and removable prosthetics for more than a century. 

SprintRay develops end-to-end 3D printing solutions for dental practices and laboratories, and stands for a coordinated and thought-through product portfolio that meets the needs of customers purposefully and in the long term. 

With this partnership, the synergies and expertise of both companies will be aligned allowing their customers to ideally combine state-of-the-art solutions for 3D printing with high-quality materials.

Ivoclar and SprintRay have also revealed that further innovations can be expected as early as this fall.

“We are very pleased to partner with SprintRay—an equal partner with whom we want to set new standards together,” Ivoclar Group CEO Markus Heinz said. 

“The philosophies of our companies complement each other perfectly and we are striving to provide our customers with the best possible support in their daily work.”

SprintRay CEO Dr Amir Mansouri added, “Ivoclar and SprintRay both have extensive internal dental expertise. Our aim is to really understand the problems and needs of our customers in order to provide optimally coordinated solutions. With Ivoclar, we are delighted to have one of the dental industry’s leading material manufacturers at our side.”

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