Tools of the trade: K3 Workstation


K3 workstationby Dr Emma Bowman, Northside Family Dental, Canberra, ACT

I was a dental assistant for 10 years before qualifying as a dentist 18 months ago. I’ve used the K3 Workstation during all of that time and it really makes the operating area for endodontics cleaner and more organised.

What’s good about it

The workstation opens up to reveal a ruler and a holder for gutta-percha points. There are three rows for files and a piece of disposable foam to place used files on. There’s a measurement dial to cut gutta percha to the apex size required, and a staircase of holes allows accurate file measurement. While you’re operating, a dental assistant can measure out paper points, which is really useful.

Everything is well organised and you can tell at a glance what has been used and what is still clean. It’s also designed to store sharps. It is small, solid and made of metal so it doesn’t move around. It’s sturdy and difficult to lose or misplace. One unit will probably last a lifetime.

What’s not so good

It’s bulky and you need to be a bit careful during sterilisation. There’s a special bag to use and the lid has to be positioned properly. The whole process is a bit fiddly.

Where did you get it

Kerr Australia (

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