KaVo Imaging Releases New KaVo IXS™ Sensors

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Introducing the new era of digital sensors:

  • KaVo IXS delivers diagnostic quality images you can trust. By removing noise and improving contrast*, KaVo IXS enables clinicians to see more detail, which is essential to effective treatment planning.
  • With expanded dynamic range, sharp images can also be captured at low doses.

KaVo Imaging unveiled to the Australian and New Zealand markets the new KaVo IXS sensors. KaVo IXS intraoral X-ray sensors come to fruition after years of commitment to research oriented to satisfying continuously growing customer needs.

KaVo IXS size 1 and size 2 sensors feature KaVoTough™ engineering in both sensors and the cable which were thoroughly tested in both strength and durability*:

KaVo IXS sensors have open architecture software capabilities. Seamlessly integrate KaVo IXS, without the need for a bridge or any additional modules, into the most popular imaging and practice management software.

KaVo IXS also includes automatic software updates, direct-download calibration files inside the sensor, and IoT capabilities for proactive sensor health monitoring.

KaVo IXS offers exceptional diagnostic image quality and two ergonomically designed sizes, with rounded edges, smooth surface and a cable designed to optimize patient comfort and correct positioning within the oral cavity.  

To learn more or see a demonstration in your office, please get in touch:


*As compared to Gendex™ GXS-700 in simulated testing. Data on file.

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