Kavo Prophyflex


KaVo-Prophyflex-3-Demogeraetby Dr Tina Tavakol, Dental on Park, Milton, QLD

I often use the Kavo Prophyflex when doing a scale and clean. I use it when there’s staining that otherwise can’t be removed with ultrasonic and prophy. It will successfully get rid of stains that an ultrasonic can’t remove.

What’s good about it

You don’t have to spend time scraping every little stain off the tooth. Simply run the Prophyflex over the teeth and it will clean it up beautifully. The unit doesn’t cut or damage the tooth in any way. It’s purely a stain remover.

It works like a pressure cleaner. It’s a water jet mixed with powder and it’s the powder that removes the stains. It’s really great to use with people who have dark staining on the back of their teeth. It’s perfect for use on stains caused due to smoking, or drinking coffee or tea.

Patients are very happy with the results and I’m sure some of them come back just to have their teeth cleaned by the Prophyflex. I’ve been using this unit for around seven years and never had a problem with it. If you haven’t got one, I would encourage you to purchase one.

What’s not so good?

It’s really messy! My assistant follows me around with high- and low-speed suction. The high-speed suction is positioned directly perpendicular to the nozzle I’m holding. Despite this, powder still goes everywhere and we have to clean the patient up afterwards.

The unit also needs to be flushed out properly after every patient. Otherwise a blockage can occur and it’s very difficult to clean out.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.

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