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oral-health-day2014In acknowledgement of World Oral Health Day (WOHD) 20th March 2014 the Australian Dental Association is encouraging Australians to kiss, smile and whistle to celebrate their oral health.

The FDI World Dental Federation established WOHD to increase awareness for oral health, as well as the impact of oral diseases on general health, well-being and national economies.

Luckily, many Australians experience good oral health because they brush and floss their teeth regularly, eat a healthy diet and visit their dentist regularly. However, Australians should not become complacent about their oral health because sugary foods and drinks, once considered a special treat, are increasingly becoming a staple part of many Australians diet and most worryingly are becoming a daily habit for many children.

“The effects of sugar laden food and drinks on teeth are well documented but some members of the public don’t seem to be getting the message. We need to have better information about the risks of these foods and drinks on teeth”, advises Dr Peter Alldritt, Chair of the ADA’s Oral Health Committee. “We don’t need to create new health promotion campaigns specifically for oral health we just need to expand those already out there”.

“Governments are investing heavily in health promotion messages related to obesity, smoking and excessive alcohol intake. Less sugar in the diet won’t just help with weight management it will also reduce the potential for tooth decay. Similarly, smoking and alcohol consumption are risk factors for oral cancer. It would be reasonably easy to expand the health messages in general campaigns to include the risk to oral health”.

The ADA has a long history of oral health promotion through initiatives such as Dental Health Week and other focused campaigns. More information about these campaigns can be found at:


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