Labor promises dental van

Labor candidate Stefanie Perri Labor promises dental van
From left: Deb Miller, Stefanie Perri, Catherine King and Emily Grace.

The Labor candidate for the Division of Chisholm in Victoria has promised $581,000 to set up a mobile dental-health clinic—should Labor win the election. The candidate, Stefanie Perri, is offering the funds to Carrington Health, based in Whitehorse, to equip a van with dental tools and bring oral healthcare to the less mobile in the area.

Ronda Jacobs, Carrington Health’s chief executive, told Leader that a mobile clinic would help increase the standard of care available to the local community.

“Whitehorse is home to an ageing population and has the highest number of residential aged-care beds in the state. However, many older people, children and those with disabilities may not be able to reach the service,” Jacobs said.

“For some of our other services, it’s actually critical for us to go out and visit patients.

The dental van will allow health professionals to easily provide the necessary care for those patients who are unable to travel and this will greatly improve our own efficiency as well,” she said.

Perri was joined at Carrington Health this week by shadow health minister Catherine King to announce the campaign promise.

“This will be a sophisticated dental van and will be equipped will all sorts of technology so you can do video conferencing and have occupational therapists deliver a whole range of services,” Perri said.

“At the very core of Labor’s approach to health is having affordable and accessible health care, and while Carrington Health is doing just that, we know there are people out there who are missing out.

“This van will go a long way to ensuring those people that don’t have a great range of mobility are able to access these services—these people will be able to receive treatment they wouldn’t otherwise get,” Perri said.

The dental van would visit aged-care facilities, homes and schools, she added.

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