Leaf Gauge


Tools of the trade leaf gaugeby Dr Yo-Han Choi, Canada Bay Dental, Breakfast Point, NSW

The Leaf Gauge is something I’ve been using for the past few months. It consists of about 50 thin strips of plastic held in a spiral binder at one end. It helps reveal if there’s an interference in the bite.

What’s good about it

There are a number of different ways to use a Leaf Gauge. It can be used to screen for the first contact of a bite. It can also be used to check that a bite is even when making specific appliances for a patient. It gives the dentist a good idea of the muscular tension involved.

As each leaf corresponds to a certain measurement, it allows us to assess the bite very accurately. When I’m doing a crown on a back tooth, it shows how much needs to be cut from the crown so the bite is perfectly aligned. It can also be used to predict any future complications with treatment.

It’s not going to make a drastic change to your practice but when you need it, it certainly makes a difference and saves a lot of time. I keep two or three at the practice so one is always on hand. They are not expensive and last about 12 to 18 months. It’s a very handy screening tool.

What’s not so good

Cleaning and sterilising the Leaf Gauge can be a little difficult. It’s best to separate all the leaves and cold sterilise. The leaves should be fanned so it can dry completely before use again.



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  1. Its been standard teaching @ UWA since the seventies, well covered in textbooks since then, related … Long’s leave gage, Lucia Jig, etc . Cant believe you just discovered it, can make from acatate sheets and leatherware single hole stud punch.

    • Well, we didn’t just discover it, Kim – it’s just never been nominated as a favourite before. But it is a great tool, isn’t it?


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