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ADX12 Sydney: it’s not just about the shopping.

A range of seminars on at next week’s ADX12 expo at Sydney’s Exhibition Centre add an element of clinical depth to the expo, which also offers a truly unique opportunity to review the latest products and services from Australia and overseas.

“ADIA recognises the symbiotic relationship that exists between the dental industry, dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals,” says ADIA chief executive officer Troy Williams. “To this end, we are pleased to offer the ADX12 Sydney professional skills program which is presented by the leading suppliers of quality dental products and services. This comprehensive program is supported by ADIA’s strategic partners, including the ADA NSW Centre for Professional Development, the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association (ADPA) and the Oral Health Professionals Association (OHPA).”

For example, the ADA NSW Centre for Professional Development will be presenting a seminar entitled Clinical Design in the digital age. The seminar is based on the assumption that high quality digital images cameras are a function of equipment and technique. But are all modern cameras good enough?…Which lens gives the best depth of field? What are the settings I need to use? Are some mirrors better than others? How do I position the patient for an optimum photo?

The Centre will also present some case studies in paediatric dentistry: providing competent, safe and modern dentistry for our patients is difficult enough without the added tensions of establishing a positive relationship with the children and adolescents that are part of daily practice. The presentation will review several challenging clinical situations that highlight the need for both good interpersonal skills and clinical ability and how they are both important in providing total health care.

Digital technology is now available that may change the way that dental devices are designed and made. With that in mind, a presentation by the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association will  look at Computerised dentistry and the prosthetist. It will introduce the options, how it can be used by dental prosthetists and tips on selecting the right technology.  It is an ideal primer that equips you to discuss your needs with ADX12 Sydney exhibitors.

The Oral Health Professionals Association will present a seminar that will provide an understanding of the techniques employed to make a denture base look like real soft tissue simply, quickly and economically.  It will also take the next step and provide advice on how to make a natural looking denture tooth in minutes.

They will also present a session on understanding colour and shade. If you are responsible for assessing the shades of teeth, there are a number of environmental factors that will affect outcomes. This highly informative seminar will outline these factors and provide useful tips on how to easily overcome these.


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