Local Experts commit to a cavity-free future

Associate Professor Wendell signing the Australian Chapter declaration.
Associate Professor Wendell signing the Australian Chapter declaration.

Late last year experts in dentistry and public health came together to launch the Australian chapter of the global collaboration, the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future. With national representation, the Australian chapter is the eighth to join the global movement.

The group reconvenes next month to develop and a free action plans to support immediate and long-term tooth decay prevention initiatives within the Australian dental industry.

Chaired by Associate Professor Wendell Evans from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Sydney and a member of the Global Expert Panel, and supported by Dr Susan Cartwright, Scientific Affairs Manager, Colgate Oral Health, the group representing 15 oral health experts are committed to a cavity-free future.

Associate Professor Evans says, “In Australia, tooth decay is still a neglected epidemic, with many Australians simply not realizing that cavities are preventable, and in the early stages, reversible. It is critical that we act and join together to promote integrated clinical and public health action in order to prevent decay initiation and to stop its progression in order to move towards a cavity-free future for all age groups.”

As part of the global alliance, the Australian chapter will work towards the integration of locally appropriate, comprehensive caries prevention and management systems, building upon the work being done by dental health professionals. A long-term goal of the global alliance is to enable every child born in 2026 to stay cavity-free during his or her lifetime. Stakeholders including those from primary health fields and government will be engaged with a view to raising awareness and improving dental health outcomes.

For more information, check out the alliance’s website here.


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