Long Term Review – NSK SurgicPro Motor and VarioSurg3

NSK SurgicPro
The SurgicPro and Variosurg3 are separate units but can be stacked. 

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NSK SurgicPro
Dr Tom Giblin
Specialist Prosthodontist
BSc (Syd), BDent (Hons) (Syd), Cert.Pros (Texas) DICOI

I have been using the NSK SurgicPro for nearly 5 years now and it has been an absolute workhorse in our practice!

At the time I had been having issues with my old implant motor and it had needed to be sent away to get fixed several times after having broken down in the middle of surgery—not an optimal situation! After that experience, I wanted a more premium unit that would be more reliable. I was also looking at purchasing a PiezoSurgical unit and had tested a few brands. I was close to purchasing another brand that had a combined Implant motor and PiezoSurgical Unit in 1. It worked well, but it was big and took up a lot of bench space. I was also worried about storing and transporting such a large unit.

I got to try the NSK units at a course and was impressed by the quality and ease of use—some implant units can be overly complicated, something you don’t want you or your staff to be fiddling with in the middle of a surgery! The thing that really convinced me was the fact that the SurgicPro and Variosurg3 were separate units but can be stacked on top of each other using a special bracket, and then linked together using a cable so that you only need one foot pedal. Both units are relatively compact, and when stacked they take up little bench space. We don’t use the VarioSurg3 as often as the SurgicPro, so it is great they can operate as stand alone units.  Another option is the iCart—a mobile cart that holds both units, allowing easy movement between rooms, but also frees up further precious bench space.

NSK SurgicPro
The built-in torque calibration in action.

When placing implants, the unit is very easy to use—changing settings on the fly is easy. The handpiece is comfortable and provides good tactile feedback as you are placing the implants. The power and torque is also impressive and easily has enough grunt to do whatever you want to with it. The modes are easily changed via the simple foot control or touchpad. The irrigation tubing is low profile and connects to the handpiece irrigation nozzle easily—it doesn’t get in the way of your grip. Cleaning the units is very simple the touchpad is sealed and works with barriers over the screen, and the motor is easily autoclaved in an autoclave cassette.

Another feature of the SurgicPro is the built-in torque calibration unit on top of the machine. This is very important- how many times do you calibrate the torque of your motor? Inaccurate torque settings can cause issues by under torqueing or worse, over torqueing, resulting in over-compressing the bone or fracturing of implants or components during surgery. To have this feature built in is a real bonus. 

In the time we have used them, the units have never missed a beat. The connections are solid, well engineered (metal, not plastic) and maintenance is minimal. The simplicity of design and robust build quality give me the confidence that I will probably be able to write a 10 year review on these units.  

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