Loving Lego Star Wars


Lego Star Wars

A self-proclaimed Lego Star Wars geek, Dr Bruno Lim of Cranbourne North Dental in Victoria has put together some huge sets as part of his collection. By Frank Leggett

“I saw my first Star Wars movie when I was a kid in the mid-’90s. It was shown on TV and I was hooked immediately. Years later, Lego started releasing Star Wars sets but as I was a student at the time, I couldn’t afford them.

“Soon after I started working, I was in Big W and they had a Lego Star Wars Republic Cruiser on sale. It was a huge set marked down from $250 to $130 because of a bit of damage to the box. I bought it, took it home and put it together. That opened the floodgates.

“The Republic Cruiser was soon joined by the Blockade Runner, an X-Wing, an Imperial Shuttle, a T.I.E Fighter, and a Sand Crawler to name a few. The biggest set I’ve put together is a Super Star Destroyer. It’s about the same size as my television.

“Looking back, I guess my Lego obsession started when I was about five or six years old. My parents used to buy me small sets and I eventually built up a small collection. They’ve told me that I used to cry if I didn’t get a new set! 

“I only buy the larger Star Wars sets these days. There’s something very satisfying about placing the final piece of a complex model. Unfortunately, I’ve missed out on a few of the classic older sets. There’s a Millennium Falcon that’s the biggest and most expensive Lego set ever made but it has gone out of production. It’s still occasionally available on eBay but usually goes for about $5,000.

“I find the act of putting Lego sets together very relaxing. It requires a lot of patience and an eye for detail. It’s a lot like being a dentist in that regard. I definitely use it as a form of stress release after a difficult day.

“I know some people glue their Lego constructions together but I’m more of a purist-all my sets can be dismantled. They are really starting to take over my house and I have to be careful not to bump them. One fall and they would separate into a thousand pieces.

“I’ve enjoyed Lego since I was a child as it really allows you to concentrate on the task at hand and spend time creating something. I embrace each project and want the end result to be perfect. As Yoda once wisely said, “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

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