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The Stern Weber S200 Orthodontic treatment unit combines a relaxing dental chair with a flexible and adaptable design.

Orthodontists place a high premium on making patients feel supported and at ease. You can infer this from how orthodontic chairs are typically designed—one-piece, full-body seats that may be flexed into a variety of seating positions. The mark of a quality orthodontic chair, in this regard, is the ability to conform to the patient’s individual body type in a way that renders comfort and support.  

This patient-centric attribute is but one of many features that Stern Weber has cleverly infused into the S200 Orthodontic dental chair. From form to function, the simple yet intricate treatment unit boasts a host of inclusions that elevates it above similar models in its class. 

Patient comfort and chair ergonomics work in harmony

While the brand’s European pedigree underscores the rigour and precision with which its robust chairs are built, the fluid ergonomic design distinguishes this particular model.

From the outset, the S200 Orthodontic chair is designed to facilitate access to the work area so that the dentist is organically placed in a relaxed, supportive position. The chair designer clearly understands that patient comfort is never complete without concomitantly minimising operator stress. 

The patient chair, made of tough materials and with thoroughly tested mechanics, provides excellent support with a lift capacity of 190kg. This model focuses on the essentials for orthodontists who want a clutter-free work environment: a dentist’s module complete with instrument control panel and display on the assistant’s side, a large tray holder on a pantograph arm, and the option of incorporating a 22” LED monitor to share the various stages of patient treatment.

Here, the smart chair ergonomics dictate the pace and flow of the dental team to prioritise work efficiency, while placing the patient squarely at the centre of everyone’s attention. 

Tailored to your work needs

Dentists can customise the S200 to their specific needs by choosing from a wide range of hygiene systems, instruments, and optional multimedia applications. This allows them to fully utilise the capabilities of the cutting-edge devices neatly arranged at their disposal.

To manage/control instruments, a control panel with an alphanumeric display is used. Aside from suction, the module can accommodate up to two dynamic instruments (turbine and micromotor) as well as the syringe. 

From operating light to foot control, dentists can choose the configuration that best suits their individual needs. The Venus Plus operating light, which comes standard, rotates on three axes and emits a light intensity ranging from 8,000 to 35,000 Lux. The potentiometer-adjustable light has a soft-start function and a 4900K colour temperature. Optional LED operating lights include the Venus Plus – L LED and the high-end Venus LED MCT.

Connected for better support

When the dental unit is connected to the Internet via Easy Check, it can access real-time remote troubleshooting and technical support, resulting in fewer service calls, increased efficiency, and simplified maintenance.

Who should buy this chair?

If making sure that your customers feel secure and at ease throughout their appointment is a non-negotiable factor, then this Stern Weber chair is designed to meet, even exceed, your expectations. 

If you also appreciate having the freedom to personalise the unit, the S200 Orthodontic chair is a highly configurable chair that incorporates a wide range of optional, simple-to-use functions and specialist instruments, all of which can be easily adapted to suit a variety of operating styles.  

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