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Not just an owner and breeder, Dr Lindsay Dyson of Gentle Dental in Burwood East, VIC, has published two books on the weimaraner in Australia.

“My first weimaraner entered my life just after I got married. We had a cocker spaniel and wanted to get another dog. One of my patients had a litter of weimaraner puppies and he suggested I come and have a look. As soon as I saw them, it started a love affair with the breed. I’ve owned them ever since. At present I only have one weimaraner—a seven-year-old called Traegar. He’s a beautiful dog and has the temperament of a puppy.

“Weimaraners are gundogs, used traditionally when hunting, both fur and feather. As utility dogs, weimaraners are supposed to do everything—point, find and retrieve the animal after it’s shot.

“Like all gundogs, weimaraners are very popular pets and one of the smartest breeds. They’re used for obedience and as show dogs. They’re very good companion animals and great with families. I have been a breeder of weimaraners in the past, but not in recent years. Now I’m just happy to have them as companions.

“I worked with a couple of friends to compile and publish two 400-page hardcover books on the history of the weimaraner and how it came to Australia. I’ve also been involved with books written for prospective owners about the care of  weimaraners.

“I’m a life member of the Weimaraner Club of Victoria, Inc. We’re a group of enthusiasts who formed the club many decades ago. It handles all the dog-related events and liaises with other gundog clubs. We run obedience, retrieving and tracking trials. We also organise dog shows and simulated hunts using a dummy. The club helps weimaraner owners keep in contact with each other.

“Weimaraners have a beautiful temperament, a clean-looking body, minimal hair loss, and unusual colouring. Some people don’t like the colour of their eyes and think they look spooky. I find their eyes very expressive.

“Weimaraners can’t just be left in the backyard with a kennel. They thrive when they’re with people. Traegar has the run of my house—he’s part of the family.

“I feel very lucky to have been involved with such a wonderful breed of dog for so many years.”

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