Mocom B17 Futura autoclave


mocomReview by Dr Scott Robertson, Dental Care Mt Eliza, Mt Eliza, VIC

We owned a Mocom autoclave prior to this one and it worked well for eight years. It was such a solid, reliable machine that when we decided to update, we purchased a pair of B17 Futuras—the top-of-the-range machine.

What’s good about it This autoclave is big, quick and efficient. It’s a digital unit and all the tracking goes directly into our computer system. As there is no paperwork, it’s one of the most eco-friendly options available. It holds a lot of water and tests the water quality automatically. If it detects water that’s no good, it will let you know rather than just breaking down. It’s also possible to preset the timer to initiate the vacuum and the quality test. Then, when staff arrive in the morning, it’s ready to use. Once a program is run, it will turn itself off automatically. If it’s left on all night, it goes into standby mode to save power. A simple improvement is the addition of a light that comes on when the door is opened. It makes it very easy to place and remove instruments. I was also very impressed with the customer service of Advanced Instruments. They came to the surgery to assess how the unit would fit and ensured there was enough venting room at the back of the unit.

What’s not so good It’s a very expensive piece of equipment to purchase.

Where did you get it Advanced Instruments (

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