More than just a certificate on the wall. 

OrthoED Mini Masters

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What if you could confidently deliver orthodontic treatments and build your reputation in the process? 

This is our goal for you with the OrthoED Mini Masters. We’ve built this 2-year program to help dentists deliver profitable orthodontic treatments, even if they have no prior experience in orthodontics. Through hands-on coaching and real-life case support, you will be empowered to take on more profitable cases and treat them successfully. 

Instead of spending almost $100,000 on university fees, our fully-accredited diploma gives students the resources and support they need to start practising orthodontics immediately. In fact, 70% of students have started billing significant amounts shortly after beginning the program. 

“Since I started OrthoED, I’ve commenced about 50 cases, and each case has been worth on average about $7,000. So that’s the production of $350,000” 

Dr George Gibson, Traralgon, VIC

World-class support at your fingertips 

As a student of the OrthoED Institute, you will never have to worry about coming under fire from AHPRA. Our support allows you to confidently take on orthodontic cases and have the backup you need when an issue or situation arises. 

Here’s the support you’ll receive when you enrol in the OrthoED Mini Masters:

• One-on-one diagnosis and treatment planning sessions (1hr.) We’ll talk you through procedures, techniques and tools in person, so you know exactly what to do every step of the way.

• Case support from a specialist orthodontist. You’ll get a complimentary assessment on a case, along with ongoing recommendations and feedback.

• Full admin support. We will provide you with the essential paperwork to save time and hassle when introducing new treatments.

• Staff admin training programs. You’ll receive onsite and offsite training programs to bring your team up to speed in implementing orthodontics into your practice.

• Full clinical training video library. Stay up to date and refresh your skills with our world-class video training at your fingertips.

• Real case support from real people. All cases are stored on our portal and ready for a professional discussion whenever you need a second opinion.

• Support packages upon completion. At OrthoED, we’re committed to lifelong learning—that means giving you the support you need long after you’ve completed our course.

Delivered by Australia’s leading orthodontist. 

Learn from Dr Geoff Hall, a myth-busting orthodontist with 32 years of experience treating over 11,000 orthodontic cases. Having trained over 1000 dentists in Australia, Dr Hall knows how to deliver enjoyable, engaging, and easy-to-understand lessons on orthodontic theories. He breaks down each module into simple, practical steps that any dentist can use on their own.  

“I have done numerous orthodontic courses. I thought I understood orthodontics. I learnt more in two days with Geoff Hall than I did in two years with other teachers. He constantly challenges myths that have been created and makes one fully understand the principles so I can evaluate and treat all cases without unwanted side effects arising in treatment.”Dr SM – WA 

It’s time to stop referring your patients and start growing your practice by learning valuable orthodontic skills. So enrol in the OrthoED Mini Masters program today! 

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