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The Align™ Digital Platform features dedicated tools for each stage of the Invisalign® treatment journey.

The Align™ Digital Platform ranges solutions that reshape orthodontic treatment, providing dedicated tools and capabilities that doctors can choose to leverage in a way that suites their practice and patient journey. 

This changes how smiles are transformed and helps make improvements to clinical outcomes, treatment efficiency, and the patient’s journey – highlighting that Align is more than just clear aligners.

The Align™ Digital Platform is comprised of seven pillars, each with tools that are available to complement and support each treatment stage with the Invisalign System. 

1. Connect

  • Invisalign® Practice App – helps manage Invisalign treatments and plans on mobile devices, almost anywhere.
  • My Invisalign™ App – allows Invisalign patients to track treatment progress, receive reminders and communicate with their doctor about treatment.

2. Scan

  • iTero exocad Connector™ – an optional feature1 that integrates digital impressions captured with the iTero™ intraoral scanner into exocad dental CAD software, adding efficiency to design and plan restorative and orthodontic treatments.
  • Invisalign® Outcome Simulator Pro2 – digitally simulates potential treatment outcomes for patients considering Invisalign treatment. Only available on the iTero™ Element 5D, 5D Plus and Lumina scanners.

3. Diagnose

  • Align™ Oral Health Suite3 – enables engaging oral health conversations that build patient understanding, trust, and treatment acceptance. Only available on the iTero™ 5D Plus and Lumina scanners. 
  • iTero™ NIRI technology3 – uses near-infrared light to capture and aide in identification of possible health related oral structures. Available on the iTero™ Element 5D, 5D Plus and Lumina scanner series only.

4. Plan

  • ClinCheck® Pro 6.0 with Live Update & 3D Controls – enables faster treatment planning with real-time adjustments that give more control of Invisalign treatment plans.
  • Invisalign Smile Architect™ – helps customise and plan Invisalign treatment with an integrated restorative outcome in mind.
  • Invisalign Personalised Plan – allows experienced Invisalign Providers to program their preferred approaches to treatment resulting in faster treatment planning.

5. Treat

  • ‘3 Smarts’ Innovations – The combination of SmartTrack material with SmartForce features and SmartStage technology allows the Invisalign System to provide more predictable tooth movement than ever before4.
  • Invisalign Professional Whitening System – combines with teeth straightening for a brighter smile treatment result.

6. Monitor

  • Invisalign Virtual Care AI – uses algorithms to detect correct wear or teeth movement compared with the expected Clincheck treatment plan. Doctors can provide remote guidance and feedback to patients through the virtual platform.

7. Retain

  • Vivera™ retainers – customisable retainers that are designed specifically to maintain post-orthodontic treatment alignment.  

To discover more details for each of our tools and more, contact your Invisalign Practice Development Manager to discuss further or scan the QR on the ad.

1. Fees apply. Available through approved distributors only.  

2. Access to Invisalign Outcome Simulator Pro (“IOSIM Pro”) and /or iTero NIRI Technology (as applicable) is only available on the iTero Element 5D and 5D Plus (Cart and Mobile) and Lumina scanner models and is included as part of the complimentary ‘Orthodontics/ Resto Comprehensive’ service plan free of charge for the first 12 months of iTero scanner ownership (“Initial Term”). After the Initial Term, access to IOSIM Pro and/or iTero NIRI Technology (as applicable) on your scanner is dependent upon payment of a monthly or annual service fee. Such fee will depend on the Service Plan purchased after the Initial Term.

3. The Align Oral Health Suite (including Invisalign Outcome Simulator Pro, NIRI Technology and Side by Side 3D compare tool) is only available on the iTero Element 5D Plus (Cart and Mobile) and Lumina scanner models on an Orthodontics/Resto Comprehensive Service Plan. The Service Plan is included in the purchase price of your scanner free for the first 12 months and accessible for a monthly or annual fee thereafter. Without an active Orthodontics/Resto Comprehensive Service Plan, certain features of the Align Oral Health Suite will not be available on your scanner.

4. Compared to Invisalign aligners previously made from single-layer (EX30) material.

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