Tools of the trade: Morita Tri Auto Mini


Morita Tri Auto Miniby Dr Roderick Townsend, Cooroy Dental Surgery, QLD

The Morita Tri Auto Mini is my preferred handpiece for preparation of endodontic root canals.

What’s good about it

This cordless handpiece with rechargeable batteries is very light and easy to handle. It has pre-programmed features that can be used with a number of different types of instruments and is compatible with all brands of files. If you prefer to program it yourself, it’s easy to program your individual torque values and rotation speed. Personally, I find it very safe to use with regular files. I use the torque settings that are recommended and haven’t had any breakages yet.

Even though it’s a rechargeable unit, it has plenty of power to do the job. The speed can be set from 50 to 1000 rpm. It has two handy functions—‘auto torque reverse’ and ‘auto torque slow down’. It can also be combined with an apex locator to zero down on the apex of the tooth.

When my other handpieces were having some problems, I used this one for polishing and to place pins in teeth. The non-motorised section is autoclavable, which makes sterilisation very easy.

What’s not so good

I’m very happy with this handpiece and can’t see any real negatives. The fact that it’s cordless gives it great portability and makes it very easy to use. It does exactly what I want and need.

Where did you get it

Morita (

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