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moving to the Cloud

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Of all the buzz words out there, ‘Cloud’ has to be the one that has revolutionised the world many times over.

Over the past five years, there has been an incredible pace of adoption in almost every industry that we see except one … the quality of software integration in Dental has only now evolved to ensure the workflow of practices is as smooth for practices in the Cloud, as the ones that operate with the traditional “on-prem” databases and solutions.

Does this mean it’s time to pick up and move your data into the Cloud? Maybe, maybe not. It all comes down to five key considerations, otherwise your move will be nothing but thunder, lightning and a tonne of miserable rain.

What are the key considerations you need to make before even thinking of your Cloud move, you ask? Well, let me tell you…

Internet, Internet and more Internet!

It might sound silly when I say you need to ensure that you have a good internet connection to have a Cloud system running in your practice. Yet, we have seen so many practices told to run a speed test, or “if it hits 100/40, then you are good to go”. 

This is wrong on every level. While speed is important, stability is more important! You are better off with a slower connection that is stable, than a fast one that is dropping out all day.

This can be confusing because you can spend anywhere from $50-$150 for a basic NBN connection or anywhere between $300-$1000 for a true business grade link. 

We believe that the best price to be sitting on is around the $130/mth mark for a 100/40 with a quality provider. Make sure you have a good quality 4G failover so that if your NBN does drop out then you seamlessly cut over without noticing. (Call us if you need a hand)


Imaging is another key component of moving to the Cloud. If you have 3D then those images will need to sit locally until the 3D hardware vendors come up with Cloud software. 

If you have 2D only then the question is: Do you cut over to the Cloud provider? Or do you keep this locally to preserve your diagnostic workflow that you currently have in place?

If you do decide to keep your imaging software when moving to the Cloud, you also need to confirm that the new Cloud software will integrate and link to your local imaging software (think Romaxis, Cliniview, Sidexis, Shick).


When going to the Cloud, security is key! We have seen internet browsers become compromised and start changing data on the pages patients access . In some cases, it can result in incorrect data being saved to patient files. 

Make sure you have a good quality Firewall and Antivirus, so that you rest easy for the evening.


Just because your PMS is still in the Cloud, doesn’t mean that backups  are not required! You need to make sure you also have a backup of any local documents or plan to have them in a M365 Onedrive/Sharepoint. This data is just as important as the stuff in your PMS and needs to be just as safe (think all your processes and spreadsheets).

IT Managed Services and Support

This is going to sound very self centred because this is quite literally what we do, but a managed service provider is critical for a practice’s move into the Cloud (even more so for planning a network). There are additional moving parts, preparations (eg backups) and considerations for security that need to be maintained proactively. This will keep you flying high above the clouds without too much turbulence. 

While these points are not the be-all and end-all, this is quite literally a topic that we can go on for days about.  

If you are looking to take your practice into the Cloud, talk to the passionate dental-focused team at Teamwork Technology about how we can help you smoothly get there without the pain or the hassle.

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