NAB health report reveals Australians continue to fall well short of ADA recommendations

dental health in Australia
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NAB recently launched its 12th annual NAB Health Insights Special Report (Part 2), which asked Australians to share how they feel about their own health.

The report spotlights dental health—with the following key findings.

  • Dental health within rural Australia is worse than those in capital cities, with 63 per cent of those in rural areas cleaning their teeth two or more times per day, versus 75 per cent in capital cities.
  • Many Australians continue to fall well short of Australian Dental Association recommendations, with one in two Australians not visiting a dentist in over a year—up from 42 per cent in 2022 survey.
  • It’s evident from the results that Australians in rural and regional areas struggle to have regular check-ups with their dentists (every 6-12 months), with 36 per cent of those in rural areas seeing a dentist every 6-12 months and 46 per cent of those in regional cities.
  • Flossing is still something less than half (37 per cent) of Australians do every day.

“The opportunities and challenges highlighted in NAB’s Health Insight Special Report are immense,” Medfin and NAB Health customer executive John Avent said. 

“Health professionals can delve into the report’s actionable data, to help inform trends in their own practices as they balance the expectations of their patients now and in the future.”

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