Neodent Acqua – Surface Concept Evolution

helix implant
The Neodent Acqua implant has a revolutionary new design.

The quality and confidence provided by the Neodent GM Helix implant design, is now available in a hydrophilic surface, Neodent Acqua.

The Helix Implant;

  •  has a fully tapered design, progressive threads and a Grand Morse® connection
  • is indicated for all types of bone density and implant immediate placement post extraction
  • the hydrophilic surface design of Acqua has enhanced wettability characteristics resulting in an increased biochemical results and BIC

“It is not about faster; it is about success. Particularly in immediate loading procedures,” says Prof. Sergio Bernardes, practicing clinician and Head of New Product Development and Clinical Practice at Neodent.

Visit Straumann Group Webinars to view the recently held 3 part webinar series on the Neodent Implant System and its Acqua surface concept evolution, 6 CPD. 

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