New ADA President for challenging times

Dr Karin Alexander
New ADA President Dr Karin Alexander

Dr Karin Alexander has been elected as the new Federal President of the Australian Dental Association (ADA). Dr Alexander succeeds Dr Shane Fryer.

Since joining the ADA South Australian Branch (ADASA) Dr Alexander has been actively involved in both branch and national committees. She is highly respected for her previous role as Federal Vice President over the past two years, and her leadership with the provision of continuing professional development to dentists. Dr Alexander is also well known for her work with the governance review of the Association, and legislative change.

Dr Alexander said, “The past few years have been ones where dental care delivery has been a significant political issue. Ongoing coordinated reform and action is required by all governments across Australia. I shall be working hard to ensure that the reform provides effective care to those experiencing difficulty accessing dental care. The Commonwealth Government has announced its intention to assume a role in oral health promotion, and the ADA is keen to provide the expertise of its member dentists to assist with this. The ADA will continue to push governments to provide funding targeted at improving access to dental care for disadvantaged Australians. I also want to ensure that the ADA continues to serve its members well. These are challenging times for all membership organisations, and the ADA must strive to anticipate the needs of its members.”

Dr Alexander became a Fellow of the Academy of Dentistry International (2003), a Fellow of the International College of Dentists (2003), and a Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy (2005). She is an Associate Fellow of the Australasian Council of Health Service Management (2008).

Dr Alexander is the first female president of the ADA. She is married to Robert and has two children, Alyssa and Paul.

In an official statement, the ADA also welcomed the newly appointed Federal Executive, Dr Carmelo Bonanno as Vice President and Drs Rick Olive, Hugo Sachs and Terry Pitsikas.

Following her election as President, Dr Alexander paid tribute to the ADA’s previous President Dr Shane Fryer for his energy, leadership and significant contribution to critical dental issues.

“Dr Fryer has done much for Australian dentistry during his term. His work on the National Advisory Council on Dental Health was immense. This, together with his promotion of the ADA’s Dental Access program, will help governments formulate the correct solutions for the improvement of Australia’s dental health,” Dr Alexander said.

“The ADA has two main objectives: the promotion of the art and science of dentistry by enhancing its members’ ability to provide safe, high quality professional oral care and the improvement of the oral health of the community. I shall lead the ADA to continue the hard work that has occurred in achieving these objectives, and will do my best to meet the challenges that confront Australia’s dental health. The ADA will continue to make itself available to governments to aid in this process. It will also increase the focus of the ADA in ensuring that it is the membership organisation that meets the needs of its members.”


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