New DBA infection prevention and control resources now available

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The Dental Board of Australia (the Board) has published new infection prevention and control resources, in effect from 1 July 2022.

The resources, which include a self-reflective toolFAQs and fact sheet, have been developed to help practitioners understand their obligations to practise safely, critically reflect on how they practise and address some common questions.

While practitioners will still need to reflect contemporary practice which is outlined in documents like the ADA Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control, the new resources will assist practitioners in assessing their approach to infection control.

Speaking about the new resources, the Board chair, Dr Murray Thomas, highlighted the support they will provide to the safe practice of dentistry.

“We know dental practitioners practise safely and will continue to prioritise the safety of their patients,” Dr Thomas said.

“The new resources will allow us more flexibility in providing new information as it becomes available, keeping the profession up to date.”

Dr Thomas added: “The new resources are in line with the Dental Board’s incremental approach towards risk-based regulation. This new approach the Board is taking will not require any changes to current practice. If you’re practising safely, which the large majority of practitioners are, then keep doing what you’re doing.”

This article was sourced from the News & Media page on the ADA website.

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