New EthOss Degranulation Burs for fast, safe and accurate tissue debridement

degranulation burs

W9 is proud to announce the launch of EthOss degranulation burs, the ideal solution for preparing a defect for bone grafting. 

Designed morphologically to remove soft tissues without harming the bone, the burs provide quick and effective debridement. Precision manufacture means that the diamond edges do not grab the bone compared to traditional tungsten burs. This allows optimal debridement of the inflammatory tissue, which cannot be achieved manually. Importantly, the burs ensure maximum safety when working near anatomical structure. 

The burs come as a kit containing 1 bur of each size (1.0mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.00mm) which are reusable for more than 100 procedures. The kit also includes a stainless-steel bur holder. 

The EthOss Degranulation Burs Kit is available from selected W9 dealers. RRP $550 per kit. 

For further product information, contact Ashleigh Shaddock (

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