New hemostatic gels from Dentalife

hemostatic gels

Dentalife is thrilled to announce the company is adding AlStat and FerriStat hemostatic gels to its product portfolio.

“We were fortunate to be able to work with local dentists when formulating these two hemostatic gels. We worked together to ensure we had a product that met the needs and provided the best patient care,” explains Sarah Sayeeda, Head of Research and Development.

“Local dentists have been asking more and more for Australian made products. It is a credit to the strong team of people we have in development and also in our production area. 

“We believe that products designed for the local market should be developed and manufactured locally. This is the simple ethos sitting at the heart of Dentalife’s operation, ensuring we best understand and best meet the needs of local oral healthcare professionals.” 

FerriStat is a highly effective 20% ferric sulfate gel that assists in achieving hemostasis immediately. The gel consistency ensures it does not drip or run, making it easy to apply for improved clinical outcomes. FerriStat is effective for controlling the bleeding during impressions, restorations and for crown and bridge procedures. 

AlStat is a 25% Aluminium Chloride hemostatic gel that effectively eliminates gingival bleeding. AlStat is recommended for use during crown and bridge and for dental impressions especially in the aesthetic region. AlSat is effective for anterior restorations and is easily washed off without leaving any residue. 

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