New ‘plug and play’ U-SENSE sensors

U-SENSE HD sensors

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Acteon Australia has developed two new sensors designed to improve digital workflow in dental practices: The affordable new U-SENSE and U-SENSE HD. Both the U-SENSE and U-SENSE HD sensors provide the benefits of outstanding picture quality, enhanced digital imaging workflow and high levels of patient comfort.

A-dec Australia product manager, Angie Wong said thanks to Acteon’s Fiber2pixel technology, users won’t miss any details in their clinical images. “Thanks to the CMOS sensor’s HD multi-layer technology, The U-SENSE produces low noise and high contrast images, displaying the region of interest with outstanding sharpness.

“All the anatomical structures are represented with great precision, allowing a faster and safer diagnosis. With an image resolution of up to 25-line pairs per millimetre (25lp/mm), the U-SENSE HD sensors provide very high-quality images for accurate and reliable dental diagnostics.”

The U-SENSE and U-SENSE HD sensors are available in two different sizes (200 x 300 mm—corresponding to the size 1 suitable for pedodontics, periapical and endodontics images, while the 260 x 340 mm size 2 sensor is ideal for occlusal and bitewing examinations).

Practitioners can choose the size that best suits their patients and the focus of their clinical examinations.

Designed to be as practical as they are powerful, Mrs Wong said the rounded corners of the intra-oral sensors had been designed to make the examination more comfortable for patients. “Comfort in the mouth is a key element for reliable and accurate imaging and reducing patient anxiety,” Mrs Wong said.

Quick imaging a real time saver

The Acteon Group has focused U-SENSE and U-SENSE HD on ease of use and simplification of the dental process to achieve the best results in record time.

“With an acquisition time of only three seconds, you can view your clinical images almost instantly during patient diagnosis,” Mrs Wong said. “Simply connect the USB of the sensors directly to your computer to benefit from the clinical shots and share them with your patients.”

Because of the 3-metre-long cable, practitioners can easily adapt the fully portable sensors to any sized surgery.

A shock absorption area has also been integrated into the structure of the sensors to improve durability during day-to-day use.

These new sensors, which will be launched at ADX22, are a more affordable alternative to the high-end Sopix2 premium sensor, also available from Acteon through A-dec dealers.

The new U-SENSE sensors are also compatible with the powerful Acteon Imaging Suite imaging software which allows the practitioner to easily and accurately monitor the patient’s abnormality. The open architecture of Acteon Imaging Suite makes it possible to export images to patient management software and to also import information such as implant databases. 

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