New products: Elexxion delos 3

The duros 3

When it comes to hard tissue, the new delos 3.0 now represents top performance in Er:YAG lasers.

Elexxion’s specially developed floating-arm technology uses a combiation of high-tech mirrors to transmit the power of the duros 3.0 Er:YAG generator to its target—almost without loss.

At the same time, the new delos 3.0 features new user-driven software and a new touchscreen monitor—easy to read and easy to operate. This translates into safe and rapid operation and faster hard-tissue treatment. With Er:YAG lasers, power equals speed. elexxion has therefore gone to great lengths to ensure that the performance of the powerful delos 3.0 Er:YAG generator is transmitted to where it is needed—to the handpiece. This meant nothing less than replacing conventiona fibre optics with a new technology offering vastly greater efficiency. Over several years of dedicated research, elexxion has developed a system where the Er:YAG laser beam is transmitted directly to the handpiece via a complex system of mirrors along the floating arm, regardless of its current position. The impressive result: 50 per cent more power at the distal end.

The most conspicuous elements of the delos 3.0 are its large new touchscreen and its completely redesigned software. Pre-defined programs for more than 20 indications are now available “by touch”.

The laser dosage delivered is always safe, and procedures are shortened. The delos 3.0 supports you and your team with its integrated fee calculator.

Complete weightlessness is the goal of elexxion’s newly developed floating-arm technology. This goal is achieved by the sophisticated interplay between the counterweight and seven nearly frictionless special-purpose joints. This translates into perfect balance and a stress-free and ergonomic work environment. For more info, contact William Green at


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