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ilight3iLight Suction is a revolutionary Australian designed dental device that is improving dentistry for the whole dental team, including the patients!.  iLight Suction provides continuous and uninterrupted suction in the mouth, internal illumination via in built LED lighting and retraction of the mouth, whilst keeping the patient  wide open and completely comfortable.  So useful is the iLight Suction, that it reduces treatment time by an average of 30%, reduces repetitive stress and actually brings back the satisfaction of dentistry.

iLight Sucton is an easy to use system, that can be installed in any surgery in a matter of minutes.  The device is easy to insert into the patients mouth and even easier to remove.  The single use disposable mouthpiece prevents cross contamination and provides you and your patients the confidence of excellent standards in treatment.  The effectiveness of the iLight Suction system is the flexible single use sterile mouthpiece that: isolates the maxillary and mandibular quadrants at the same time, provides bright white shadowless illumination via in built LED lighting, retracts and protects the oral cavity, provides continuous full mouth suction keeping the oral cavity fluid and debris free, keeps the mouth open via inbuilt bite block, and provides the patient maximum comfort due to its soft flexible material.

This device will definitely change your view on dentistry, you now will be able to perform dentistry without the hassel and disruption of tongue, cheeks, saliva, cotton rolls, lack of light, patient inability to open, frequent spitting, moisture contamination, and so on, and many more.  The system improves operator ergonomics and comfort, allowing maximum vision of the operating field.  Increasing the ability to see the operating field, will also improve posture, frustration and quality of your dentistry.  You will also be able to perform your procedures faster, on average saving 30% of your usual clinical time, saving you valuable chair time, improving your patients experience, and freeing up your dental assistant from suction allowing them to prepare and pass without interruption.

The iLight Suction does a better job of suction than even the most experienced dental assistant, you will never be frustrated again.  The continuous suction of the oral cavity will improve not only your experience as the operator, but also the quality of your dentistry.  Moisture contamination is eliminated, your mirror will not fog up, and the patients mouth will remain open during the whole duration of the time the iLight Suction is in the mouth.  While your assistant is not required to suction, they can concentrate on other things like preparing materials or rotating clean dental mirrors whilst you work.  The iLight suction is like having another dental assistant in the room.  Or if you have hygienists, its like them having their own dental assistant, but without the cost!

The ultra bright long life LED light provides shadowless illumination and visibility in the oral cavity.  If you can see better, you will be able to work better, and of course, easier!  The integrated LED lighting will eliminate the need of heavy and cumbersome lights connecting to your loupes, costly LED handpiece upgrades, and frustration of frequently adjusting your overhead light.

The soft flexible mouthpiece adapts around the patients oral cavity.  The mouthpiece contains a bite block to keep the mouth open and a body and end to retract the tongue and cheek.  You will eleimate the need of cotton rolls, dry tips, cheek retractiors and the frustration of not been able to see.  The iLight Suction retracts so well, that you cant get the same level of retraction any other way.

With so many benefits of the iLight Suction, it makes smart personal, professional and business sense to incorporate the iLight Suction as an essential operating tool.  With a reduction in clinical time, reduced need for more staff, and the advanced ergonomics it provides, it will not only save you money , but it will also make you money, allowing you to provide more treatments in the same amount of time.  The low price point means you will recover your investment in only a matter of days, and the continual cost of the mouthpieces will be insignificant compared to the saving in time and increase in efficiency and productivity.

The iLight Suction can be used for a variety of treatments, these include: general dentistry, bonding, fillings, crown and bridge preparations, crown and bridge cementation, inlay and onlay preparation and cementation, digital impressions, cleaning and polishing, veneers, air abrasion, laser dentistry, dental implant surgery, dental implant prosthetics, paediatric dentistry, fissure sealants, and much more.  Not only will te general dentist benefit from the iLight suction, but also will dental hygienists and therapists and dental specialists.

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