New products: SCDL introduces DuraFlex™ flexible partials


The acceptance of flexible partial dentures is growing: patients largely find them more comfortable, more aesthetic and easier to insert than metal based partials. Additionally, they are useful for patients with acrylic or metal allergies or those who prefer a metal free removable. A clinical advantage of flexible partials is that they are minimally invasive and can easily be incorporated as interim prostheses in implant treatment planning.

DuraFlex™ is a breakthrough thermoplastic that resolves the limitations found in older materials, while still offering advantages over a chrome RPD. Its advanced thermoplastic has a semi-crystalline polymer structure, making it clinically unbreakable, hygienic and more durable than acrylic. Our internal research has shown that it is unusually resistant to water absorption, making it less prone than nylon to absorbing stains. DuraFlex also offers highly desirable aesthetics, as its translucency allows the natural colouring of the underlying tissue to show through.


Tooth Coloured or Clear clasps

Patients are now choosing tooth coloured or clear clasps in lieu of cast chrome or stainless steel clasps for aesthetic purposes. DurAcetal is a highly crystalline acetal copolymer resin possessing high tensile and flexural strength, fatigue resistance and hardness, making it an ideal material for clasps. VisiClear – made from nylon-free, strong, flexible and stain resistant thermoplastic – are clear clasps that provide long-term retention with the highest aesthetics.


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