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The choice  of screw or cement-retained implant restorations remains controversial among different practitioners and is governed by a number of factors. These include aesthetics, retrievability, ability to correct misaligned implant placement, retention, passivity, occlusion, accessibility, cost and provisional restorations.

An understanding of their properties will help the clinician in selecting the ideal prosthesis for each clinical case. With a plethora of different implant systems available, having the appropriate technical and hands-on clinical support is essential. Southern Cross  Dental Laboratories (SCDL) offers both qualified technicians and experienced clinicians whose aim is to assist dental practitioners streamline their patient’s needs to ensure the highest possibility of success and patient satisfaction.

SCDL provides quality implant crowns at realistic prices with SCDL customized precision milled titanium abutments for most commercially available systems. Customized titanium abutments at a cost of $195.00 provides idyllic quality controlled outcomes for implant crowns at competitive and reasonable prices. World-class clinical solutions are now available to all patients. Customized abutments have been specifically designed for optimal physical properties, excellent retention, emergence profile and a soft tissue response which harmonises with the dentition.

SCDL works daily with almost every major implant system and maintains a huge inventory of implant components.


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