New products: The Dental iLibrary

Oral B's iLibrary
Oral B’s iLibrary

Oral-B has launched an iPad app, the Dental iLibrary, which the company is currently giving away at the ADA Congress in Melbourne. The company developed the App as a way of sharing the science and technologies behind Oral-B’s products, such as the recently-launched Pro-Health toothpaste.

The App (which can be seen here) is a ‘kiosk’ containing peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed publications, and currently contains six iBooks, with a plan to add more soon.

The current iBooks include a Scientific American special supplement on the relationship between dental and whole body health, as well as The Science and Evidence for Stabilised Stannous Fluoride authored by five top local Key Opinion Leaders (Prof. Ivan Darby, Prof. Ian Meyers, Prof. David Manton, Prof. Hien Ngo, Dr. Jessica O’Neill).




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