New version Piksters® Curvie toothbrushes

Piksters curvie toothbrushes

Piksters® Curvie toothbrushes have been popular as a patient giveaway/OHI brush with their sleek modern look and their custom label practice name capability. The new versions have indented rubber contour grips with good tackiness for excellent rotational/in/out control and the look and feel of a high-quality toothbrush, at the same price.

They come with 6 fresh colour handle and bristle combinations and an increased bristle count and density, making it more efficient for cleaning. Special new smaller diameter 0.004 inch filament (softer) with compensating stiffer PBT filament (stiffer than nylon) create the same overall softness texture for safe cleaning, but allow more filament per square mm. This is reputed to give a higher cleaning efficiency & effectiveness per brush stroke. The Curvie comes with a small head and flat trim. Bristles resist going “shaggy”. Value for money, these toothbrushes are very good at $1.29 each (minimum order of 120 a box of 6 assorted colours.) The Curvie Toothbrush can also be personalised with your practice details. These offer a great patient giveaway to help grow your practice. For details call 1800 817 155, email or visit our website 

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