Satelec P5 Newtron scaler


Newtron-P5-Deep-Etchedby Devika Iyer, Grandstand Dental, Mulgrave, VIC

This piezoelectric scaler is unique due to the series of tips that come with the unit. Each tip is designed to be used in a different way. The broader tips are for supra-gingival calculus removal whereas the finer tips allow you to access very deeply into subgingival areas.

Whats good about it?

Most other scalers come with a single, large tip. This makes them very good for bulk removal of calculus but they are a lot heavier to hold, losing tactility, and resulting in residual calculus. The range of tips that come with the Satelec P5 Newtron scaler makes it suitable for a number of different situations.

It’s important to use the correct technique when using this scaler. The instrument sits parallel to the long axis and uses a light sweeping movement compared to the usual rotary whisk action. There are videos online that explain the correct way to use each tip. It’s much more ergonomic and comfortable for the operator.

The fine tips on the scaler are fantastic for root planing, smoothing and polishing surfaces. It smoothens the surface to a far greater degree than other scalers. The P5 also removes very fine debris from the root surface whereas a lot of other scalers leave the fine debris behind.

I have four hygienists in my clinic and this scaler has transformed the way they work. Not only has it dramatically increased the efficiency but patients find the process very comfortable, even if it’s used deep below the gum line. The machine is portable so it’s possible to share it between surgeries.

Whats not so good?

A lot of hygienists try to use it the same way as other ultrasonic scalers but it’s ineffective without the appropriate technique. The surfaces won’t be as polished and the patient might experience unnecessary sensitivity. You need to take the time to learn how to use it properly by accessing websites and videos online.

Where did you get it?

Henry Schein Halas.


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