Tools of the trade: No Flame Plus


by Denise Toovey, Zillmere Denture Clinic, Zillmere, QLD


I work as a dental technician/prosthetist making dentures. I use wax to form the base of the denture and set the teeth in that wax base as part of the denture-making process. Normally a gas bunsen is used to heat the wax knife to enable us to shape peripheries, reposition teeth or trim wax contour models. I have been using the No Flame Plus for the past five years mainly in the clinic, and less frequently in the laboratory. This machine heats without the use of a flame by using an induction heating method. The wax knife is inserted into the opening of the No Flame Plus and within seconds, the knife is hot enough to use on whatever wax appliance you are introducing into the patient’s mouth.


What’s good about it?

It’s very neat, operates on a very low power consumption and safe to use, therefore ideal for use in the clinic area but also quick and easy to use within the laboratory. My patients are aware it is a much friendlier option than an open flame and find the concept of how it works interesting, therefore promoting plenty of conversation.

The safety factor of this machine—cleanliness and lack of a flame—makes it a great option for reducing Workplace Health and Safety issues. You can actually put your finger in the opening and nothing happens. However, once a metal item is inserted, it becomes hot enough to use within seconds. The machine shuts off when overheated and reactivates automatically after removing the cause. Plus there is a small disposable plastic insert to catch any excess wax for ease of cleaning.


What’s not so good?

I guess it has its limits, though I haven’t really found anything to mention. I still use a bunsen burner in the lab when I have a large volume of work to complete. I simply prefer the bunsen for the majority of my work in the lab. Having said that, when I’m out in the clinic with patients, ‘The No Flame Plus is the way to go.’


Where did you get it?

Priority Dental Supplies.


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