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NobelClinician Communicator iPad appA chair with built-in rotary endo, 3D modelled implants, a minimalist microblaster, and more…

NobelClinician is a diagnostic tool that imports DICOM files and creates a 3D model to aid in surgical diagnosis for implant surgery. It makes the placement of implants much easier—I couldn’t work without it now.

What’s good about it

The software that comes with NobelClinician lets you choose from a library of implants and practice virtual surgery prior to the real thing. Once the DICOM file is imported, the 3D model shows the entire jaw, including the single sagittal split. You can measure and draw on the maxilla or mandible, plot the nerve and then choose the appropriate implant.

This can then be printed out as a report for the patient or the communicator app can be used to show the implant planning on an iPad. It’s a very effective way of explaining the process, and I can point out such things as the position of the patient’s sinus floor, or where their inferior alveolar nerve lies. This way the client gets to fully own the procedure.

It’s also possible to go a step further and use NobelConnect to create an intralink with your lab. You can then use the hard model to make a surgical guide and place the implants on the model. By working backwards, plastic stents with drill guides can then be created. This makes surgical placement extremely easy.

Software upgrades are released frequently and the improvements continue to make NobelClinician easier to use. Nobel also offers very good customer support. The latest generation will be released soon and is cloud-based. You’ll be able to network outside your practice, using any computer to pull up a case that has already been mapped out.

What’s not so good

It has a fairly steep learning curve and, although it’s quite expensive, it’s competitively priced against comparative software.

Where did you get it

Nobel Biocare ( 

by Dr Mark Cull, Channon & Lawrence Dental Centre, Gympie, Qld

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