Now easy, advanced CBCT imaging is within reach

CBCT imaging

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Ivoclar launches CS 8200 3D Access, a new member of CS 8200 3D family from Carestream Dental. This new 4-in-1 CBCT system combines outstanding ease-of-use and high-resolution 3D images to better address the needs of general practitioners. It is an easy and affordable CBCT solution that is ideal to enter the world of 3D imaging. The CS 8200 3D Access complements the extensive Carestream Dental range of extraoral systems.

The CS 8200 3D Access is designed to cover the imaging needs—even full-arch scanning—of clinicians looking to perform more in-office procedures and grow their practices with 3D imaging. Users can enjoy 2D panoramic imaging, CBCT imaging, 3D-object scanning and optional cephalometric imaging in one unit, and up to six selectable fields of view ranging from 4cm x 4cm to 10cm x 10cm.1. For visualising the tiniest clinical detail, such as endodontic indications, the CS 8200 3D Access system captures ultra-high-resolution images at 75-microns.

Because the CS 8200 3D Access is built on an open platform, it’s more than just an imaging system: It’s the gateway to advanced treatment planning and optimal patient care. For example, IO Scanner Link lets practitioners easily connect leading intraoral scanners with their extraoral imaging equipment to unlock new treatment potential and improved workflow.

CBCT imaging

While the CS 8200 3D Access serves as the foundation of advanced care, it remains simple and intuitive to use. Users who are new to 3D imaging can be confident they’re capturing the ideal image for each individual exam thanks to the system’s state-of-the-art user interface. Laser-free face-to-face positioning also facilitates proper patient positioning. To make the system even more user-friendly, the CS 8200 3D Access also includes new advanced software features, driven by artificial intelligence (AI), such as automatic panoramic curve mapping and automatic nerve mapping. Other add-on options that enhance the user experience include CS MAR1 for reducing metal artifacts and CS UpStream,1 a 24/7 advanced equipment monitoring service.

Features at a glance

  • Up to six selectable fields of view
  • Multi-functional imaging system
  • Low-dose mode for 2D and 3D imaging
  • An easy to use and intuitive workflow

“Having the CS 8200 3D Access in the practice means better case preparation and planning. It also lets us manage treatment time more efficiently, which in turn makes the practice more profitable”. – Dr Benjamin Houbani

AI-driven efficiency

Two new AI-powered features save you time and ensure precise results. Automatic Panoramic Curve Mapping automatically maps the panoramic curve on the CBCT scan and Automatic Nerve Mapping automatically detects and traces mandibular canals on the CBCT scan.

CS UpStream*

CS UpStream*, our innovative 24/7 monitoring service is also available on the CS 8200 3D Access. This service allows our service experts to track the equipment behavior in real time. Continuously monitoring the CS 8200 3D Access makes it easy to detect and resolve system errors and maximise system availability and functionality. CS UpStream is an available option of the CS Advantage plan.  

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1. Standard field of view configuration is 8cm x 9cm. The 10cm x 10cm and 10cm x 5cm field of view will be enabled via license activation.

* Only available in selected countries.

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