NSK SurgicPro


This NSK SurgicPro surgical motor is a stand-alone unit with its own dedicated saline source. It can be used for delicate techniques, such as crestal bone removal for crown lengthening to sectioning of teeth for surgical removal or implant placement.

What’s good about it
This motor allows you to work more accurately. It’s possible to preset everything, including the drilling speed, handpiece torque level and the rate of flow of the attached saline. The integrated LED light makes the visibility amazing. It comes with a contra-angled handpiece, though you are able to purchase and attach most surgical handpieces to it separately.

When undertaking a surgical extraction, a normal handpiece attached to a dental chair is unsuitable as it usually emits air. If air gets trapped under the soft tissue it can lead to surgical emphysema with possible fatal consequences. While the SurgicPro is fantastic for the removal of impeding bone and tooth structure, the fact that it doesn’t emit air makes it the perfect tool for any surgical procedure.

I’ve had it for about a year and even though it’s only used a couple of times a month, it’s an essential tool. It’s extremely expensive to purchase but it’s one of those tools that when you need it, it’s great to have it on hand.

What’s not so good
The price, especially for a stand-alone instrument, but I believe it’s money well spent.

Where did you get it
The NSK SurgicPro came as part of my Straumann implant set-up but can be purchased at most companies that deal with NSK.

by Dr Natalie Dalati, Concord Dentist, Concord, NSW

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