NSK Varios Combi Pro:The Smart Choice 

Varios Combi Pro

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In the ever-evolving world of dental care, technological advancements continue to shape the way dental professionals’ approach oral hygiene and biofilm control. Powder Therapy has become a growing trend in recent years, offering fast and effective methods of Biofilm Control. 

The Varios Combi Pro, introduced by NSK in 2018, offers solutions that provide effective and comfortable oral hygiene procedures in one convenient and affordable unit. 

The Power of The Varios Combi Pro 

At the heart of the Varios Combi Pro lies its dual maintenance systems – ultrasonic and powder therapy. With a multi-functional foot control, these systems work in synergy to supply a comprehensive and comfortable approach to dental care:

Varios Combi Pro

iPiezo Ultrasonic Function: 

  •  Feedback function and auto-tuning ensure stable and precise operation. 
  •  A wide choice of tips allows for versatility in treatment. 
  •  The slim optic handpiece guarantees safety and accuracy during procedures. 

Powder Function: 

  •  Stable powder spraying ensures consistent results. 
  •  User-friendly handpiece and nozzle design enhance comfort. 
  •  Prophy Chamber for Supra cleaning and an optional Perio-Chamber for Sub-gingival cleaning. 

The Optional Perio-System 

The Varios Combi Pro goes the extra mile with its optional Perio-System, designed to gently clean subgingival areas. Its benefits include gentle treatment of soft tissues, automatic spray force adjustment, and a safe plastic nozzle for a wide range of applications. The system excels in biofilm removal inside periodontal pockets, interdental, and gingival margin plaque removal, and overall oral health optimization. 

User-Friendly Design 

The Varios Combi Pro’s clear function display enhances efficiency by allowing clinicians to easily identify the active program (supragingival, subgingival, or ultrasonic) and adjust settings using the 10 power levels and spray water volume. The user-friendly handpiece and nozzle design ensure excellent accessibility and manoeuvrability inside the oral cavity, reducing discomfort for both clinicians and patients. Additionally, the automatic switching from ultrasonic to powder function when the handpiece is picked up ensures a seamless workflow. 

Effortless Maintenance 

Maintaining the Varios Combi Pro is a breeze. The auto-cleaning function ensures that the handpiece and hose are cleaned after each use, taking just 45 seconds to complete. The design eliminates the risk of powder blockages inside the unit, and components carrying powder and water are easily accessible for maintenance and service. 

Accessories and Options 

The Varios Combi Pro basic set includes everything you need to get started, including an LED Optic Varios Scaler with 3 tips in a convenient sterilisable case, and the Prophy Chamber and handpiece for supra-gingival cleaning. Additionally, the Perio-System, designed to gently clean subgingival areas, can be purchased separately. NSK recently introduced the iCartV, a portable cart and water bottle system designed to store your unit safely, while eliminating the need to connect to a waterline. 

Support & Training 

NSK’s dedication to providing dental professionals with exceptional service and support knows no bounds. Their commitment goes beyond the initial purchase, extending to a nationwide after-sale support system. Across Australia and New Zealand, NSK’s extensive sales team provides comprehensive training and education to every member of the dental team. But their commitment does not end there. Located conveniently within their Sydney offices, NSK Tech houses a dedicated team of highly qualified technicians ready to help with any repair and service requirements. This proactive approach ensures that every NSK unit reaches its maximum potential, enabling dental practitioners to deliver top-tier care and service.   

With NSK, your success is their priority. 

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