NTI soft tissue trimmer


NTIby Dr Anthony Puljich, Treeview Dental Care, Burleigh Waters, QLD


A rep suggested I give this a go about five years ago. I was using Electrosurge and haemostatic agents at the time but as soon as I tried the NTI, I loved it. While there are still some situations that need the Electrosurge, the NTI is the tissue trimmer I use the majority of the time.

What’s good about it

It’s very quick and easy and the results heal really well. I use it regularly for fillings and posterior crown preps to expose the margins. It’s great in situations where the cavity preparation goes below the gingival margin, whether it’s for a crown or a filling.

The tip is ceramic and is used without water so it cauterises as it goes. Even though it’s not primarily used as a cauteriser, when it cuts the amount of bleeding is very minimal. I’ve never had a complaint about soreness from a patient.

It attaches to a high-speed hand piece and autoclaves normally. It’s just like another bur and doesn’t require any special set-up. I also like the fact that it has no impact on patients fitted with pacemakers or any other medical implant.

For the average clinician in everyday practice, I highly recommend it.

What’s not so good

If the gum is already bleeding, it won’t cut as well because it needs the heat of friction. It’s also not overly accurate. I wouldn’t use it for aesthetic recontouring, veneer preps or anterior crown preps. In some patients, it can leave the edges a little bit raggedy which can take a little bit of time to heal.

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