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Trade em in, get a discount
Trade em in, get a discount

After significant success over the last several years, Troll Dental is once again, in conjunction with LM Instruments, offering a steep 30 per cent discount on any new instruments if you trade in your old ones. Returned instruments are sorted & recycled—either sent to dental projects in developing countries or otherwise recycled.

The LM Instruments EcoAct campaign is returning this April and May only. The way it works is: Post any brand of unwanted hand instruments to: TrollDental, P.O. Box 3013, Wollongbar NSW 2477. If you need a box for returns or a catalogue & price list call 1800 064 645.

Then, include your order of replacement instruments (return 11 & order 11 replacement instruments, etc), and send your order with returned instruments or fax to 02 6628 1844.

It will be easier if you download an LM EcoAct 2013 order form at trolldental.com/au/news or call and have one sent to you.

All dental instruments of reasonable quality are made available for use by dental projects in developing countries, through organisations such as the Rotary Club. In previous years they have sent instruments to dental projects in various countries including Laos, Vanuatu, India, Nepal, Cocos Islands and East Timor.

To find out more, go to Troll Dental’s website.


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