Omnia irrigation tubing for precise oral surgery bur cooling available now from Ark Health

irrigation tubing

Now available in Australia through Ark Health, Omnia offers a wide range of Italian mechanical irrigation lines compatible with most brands of physiodispener or implant motors. The irrigation systems are customised for each brand of physiodispenser to enable precise control of cooling fluid to the bur during oral surgery to avoid thermal injury and maximise procedure success.

Omnia irrigation tubing has a number of key features such as:

Each single-use irrigation line comes in a sterile blister with primary line, accessories, and second irrigation line (where provided);

Identification label displays code, lot, expiration date, and two cut-outs for easy data storage and traceability;

Flexibility – all irrigation tubing systems offer internal irrigation only, external irrigation only, or internal AND external irrigation;

Perforator – for perforating the sterile solution bag’s cap. Includes an “open and close” cap and air filter to increase liquid flow

Stopcock – to regulate liquid flow 

All Omnia tubing meets strict safety controls and are available in boxes of 10.  

For further information, please see Ark Health at, call 1800 422 227 or email

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