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Founder of the GV Rail Club more than 30 years ago, Dr Ross Musolino of Tatura Dental Care in Victoria loves everything about trains.

“One of the great joys of being a train enthusiast is that you get to ride the classic train journeys of the world. Among many rail adventures, my wife and I have been on the Trans-Siberian Express, the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada, the White Pass and Yukon railroad in Alaska, the Japanese Shinkansen and the Ghan. Still on my bucket list is the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth. 

“I’ve been mad about trains my whole life. My dad was a train driver and we lived in Peterborough in South Australia, a town with a huge railway community. I would often visit the locomotive shed and for a while, we lived in a house opposite the railway station. Dad also gave me my first model train and started my lifelong interest. We have built a two-storey barn that houses my nine-by-six-metre model train set. The trains run around the edges and there’s a workshop in the middle where you can sit and chat and make models.

“When I moved to Shepparton in 1989, I was surprised there was no railway club. There was one shop that had some model trains so I stuck up a flyer asking for interested people to ring me. That was the start of the GV Rail Club and we’ve now been going strong for 32 years.

“Some members only like model trains, some only like full-size trains and some, such as me, like both. We have a meeting once a week where we run trains, talk about trains, and build model layouts. We run an exhibition every couple of years, and we recently visited Violet Town where there’s a memorial for the Southern Aurora train crash that happened 50 years ago.

“Trains have been part of my whole life and my hobby gives me a certain comfort. There are so many different ways to enjoy trains; you can ride them, chase and photograph them, read about them, and build models of them. When you’re modelling, you can concentrate on the electronics or the scenery or building the actual models. When you’re operating your layout, you can even schedule trains to run to a timetable.

“It’s a really big hobby with a lot of different facets. My eldest son is also interested in trains and he comes with me to meetings. It’s a great way for us to bond. Actually, all my family is interested in trains, except my daughter, but there’s still time to bring her around!”  

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