Optimising handpiece performance with the NSK iClave Plus 

handpiece-friendly autoclave

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Even the best handpiece means nothing if you cannot use and decontaminate it safely. NSK leveraged the advanced know-how it has gained as a trusted global handpiece manufacturer to realize the potential of a handpiece-friendly autoclave, the NSK iClave Plus. 

Made from the most advanced materials and components, the NSK iClave Plus sterilization system combines a compact, elegant design with hospital-standard performance. Equipped with a powerful vacuum pump that enables total air expulsion, the NSK iClave Plus reliably sterilizes all types of instruments and equipment, including the internal surfaces of handpieces. Moreover, the pump generates a ‘forced’ ventilation to deliver perfectly dry instruments at the end of the sterilization process.  

Copper Chamber 

The iClave Plus incorporates a copper chamber and differentiated heating, making cycles faster without the need for a steam generator, increasing the iClave Plus’s reliability. The highly conductive copper chamber gives 18 times more heat conductivity than stainless steel, which retains even internal temperatures levels throughout, despite its large capacity. Enveloping the copper chamber is a special heater that incorporates electro-thermal material embedded in silicone to heat the entire chamber evenly without heat loss. 

Superior reliability 

Reliability is a key requirement for dental practice sterilization units and the iClave Plus is one of the most tested and reliable unit in the market. The iClave Plus’s vacuum pump has been tested to 20,000 cycles without failure and its copper chamber has been tested to 100,000 cycles without failure.  

Thanks to the superior specifications of the chamber, the loading capacity of the iClave Plus is 20% higher than competing autoclaves. This is coupled with an exceptionally powerful pump for air expulsion before sterilization and ventilation with a bacteriological filter after sterilization, which combines with the special heating system to provide perfect drying. 

Quick, effective sterilization 

The iClave Plus quickly and securely sterilizes both wrapped and non-wrapped instruments in just 18 minutes for S Class and 35 minutes for B Class sterilization, as the three temperature sensors control the steam and eliminate the risk of early deterioration. The iClave Plus’s large chamber volume means you can sterilize more of your instruments and the optional integrated USB log allows all sterilization cycles to be saved and documented. 

iClave Plus – the advantages: 

Affordable: The NSK iClave Plus retails at only $10,692 incl GST. 

Spacious: The iClave Plus can fully use its 18-litre capacity because it maintains even temperatures throughout the autoclave chamber and constantly controls the surface temperature. Offering 50% more sterilization space than a conventional stainless-steel chamber of the same size, ensuring greater safety by reducing instrument overcrowding. 

Fast:  18 minutes for S Class and 35 minutes for B Class sterilisation 

User-friendly: The operating panel is easy to use with colours changing according to conditions, enhancing sterilization reliability. 

Drying: Adaptive Heat System leverages excellent thermal conductivity to provide perfect drying. 

Simple Data recording: All sterilization cycles are recorded on a USB flash drive, and no special software is required to view and print records of all cycles. The system records all relevant cycle parameters against a unique date and time stamp. 

Support: NSK has a network of Authorised Autoclave Technicians Australia wide to support the installation and servicing of the NSK iClave Plus. 

Get in touch with NSK Oceania today to find out more! www.australia.nsk-dental.com


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