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optragateby Dr Lydia Loh, Bracken Ridge Dental, QLD

OptraGate is used to retract the lips and cheek of the patient and is suitable for use during many different procedures. I find it very handy when it’s difficult to fit a rubber dam.

What’s good about it

Not only does OptraGate achieve retraction, it helps with isolation when combined with some cotton rolls or a cheek guard. It can be used during most general procedures but it’s particularly helpful when restoring a tooth. I also use OptraGate for some surgery work. It retracts the lips gently but firmly and most patients like it as they don’t have to worry about holding their mouth open. It also allows for plenty of light to enter the mouth so the field of view is excellent. Some patients initially find it a bit uncomfortable but they get used to it fairly quickly. Even those patients who actively dislike the feel of OptraGate will happily tolerate it for short procedures. They come in a small and a regular size. I use the small size for kids, while the regular size fits the vast majority of adults.

What’s not so good

Each OptraGate comes with two little tags to indicate the bottom edge of the ring. During surgery there have been occasions when sutures have become caught on one of these two little tags.

If the procedure is very long, say 90 minutes or more, the OptraGate can become a little too uncomfortable.

Where did you get it? 

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