Oral cancer the target for Dental Health Week

This will make brushing your teeth harder.

The ADA has made oral cancer the focus of Dental Health Week this year. Every day, at least three Australians are being diagnosed with oral cancer. Survival rates for oral cancer remain low despite advances in treatment, and this can be attributed to late detection. Recognising the risk factors and signs of oral cancer is vital to better prognosis and outcomes, and the ADA has launched this year’s Dental Health Week campaign to raise awareness of the risk factors and symptoms of oral cancer.

Oral cancer is one of the least understood conditions amongst the general public and yet three of the main risk factors involved in its development are common to most of Australia’s adult population. Prevention starts with public awareness and we want you to help us spread the word and give oral cancer awareness a voice.

During Dental Health Week (1-7 August), the ADA will be raising awareness about oral cancer, the risk factors that contribute to it and lifestyle changes that can help reduce a person’s risk of getting oral cancer.

For more information on oral cancers and other oral diseases as well as information on good oral health practices that are essential to our wellbeing and quality of life visit: www.dentalhealthweek.com.au


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  1. The tragic story of oral cancer accompanied by a “funny” photo seems particularly inappropriate. Hopefully not designed to lessen the significance of Dental Health Week.


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